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The latest eCommerce articles from the NitroSell blog. Here you can get the latest product updates, ‘how-to’ guides, and insights for making the most from your WebStore.

Features • 12 February 2013
— Donogh Roche

Let your friends know what you bought!

Have you ever had that euphoric feeling that comes when something long sought is finally bought? Or that frisson we get when we buy something we have long admired? Or even the need to tell your friends that you got something before they did?

Features • 14 January 2013
— Donogh Roche

Persistent Filtered Search Improvements

The first version of Persistent Filtered Search, released early last year, proved immensely popular with customers and we received a huge number of requests for new features. In December, we released an updated version that addressed your concerns and made it much more flexible and powerful.

Features • 10 January 2013
— Donogh Roche

Loyalty comes to NitroSell eCommerce

In response to frequent requests to provide loyalty on our webstores, NitroSell have teamed up with bLoyal, an US-based loyalty provider. This integration will enable stores to reward customers with discounts and loyalty points which are usable to both on-line and in-store customers.

Features • 29 April 2011
— Donogh Roche

Feature Spotlight: Customizable RSS Feeds

In December, we introduced you to the built-in RSS feeds in NitroSell eCommerce. We’re pleased to announce that we have just released an update to the beta version that both improves the existing feed template and enables you to customize it to suits your needs.

Features • 29 April 2011
— Donogh Roche

Feature Spotlight: AJAX Add to Basket

One aspect of our shopping cart that we’ve always been happy with is its speed and responsiveness. Shoppers experience minimal loading times and never have to wait to buy products.

Features • 8 November 2010
— Donogh Roche

Feature Spotlight: Built-in SEO (Part 3)

In part 1, we introduced search-engine-friendly URLs; optimized page titles and heading tags; automated generation of META tags; RSS feeds for product panels; automated XML sitemap generation; and Google Webmaster Tools integration.

Features • 3 August 2010
— Donogh Roche

Feature Spotlight: Increased Accuracy in WebStore Stock Levels

We have recently released a couple of improvements that greatly enhance the accuracy of stock levels in both your point-of-sale system and on your webstore. Firstly, we’ve added an option to Sync that reserves quantities of items in unprocessed web orders.

Features • 16 September 2009
— Donogh Roche

Feature Spotlight: Content Delivery Network

NitroSell’s Content Delivery Network (CDN) consists of three tiers, with multiple redundancies in each tier: The origin servers facilitate synchronizations, the provisioning of the dynamic data associated with your store – such as product and customer data – as well as secure trans...

Features • 14 July 2009
— Donogh Roche

Feature Spotlight: Built-in SEO (Part 1)

NitroSell eCommerce uses a number of well-recognized, safe techniques to ensure your webstore’s content is optimized for search engines. For purposes of this post, I’ll be using examples from Cork Art Supplies’ webstore.

eCommerce • 5 July 2009
— Donogh Roche

Implementation Best Practices: Early Go Live

If you’re new to the world of eCommerce, it can be a daunting place: new concepts to grasp, new processes to understand, and important decisions to make that will ultimately determine your success.