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Posted by on July 3, 2015 at 11:34 am

NitroSell are pleased to announce the updating of the Amazon data mapping interface on the NitroSell platform.

Following on the from the implementation of the first customers to use the NitroSell-Amazon integration we have taken the experience and feedback and reworked aspects of the data mapping interface. We have optimized, streamlined and simplified it. For good measure we added an new wizard (Advanced Mapping Wizard) to allow you map products that are not currently on the Amazon marketplace.

Improved Data Mapping Interface

Improved Data Mapping Interface

Amongst the improved features are:

  1. The improved mapping interface loads faster;
  2. Less mouse clicks required to map a field;
  3. Built-in links to particular Amazon fields for ease of reference;
  4. Overrides renamed static values where these are limited by Amazon to certain options, these options are now presented as drop down menus;
  5. More automation of the process (Apply mappings button is now history);
  6. A new advanced mapping wizard which presents you with only the fields that Amazon marks as required. This can be accessed through the WSM->Amazon->Tools menu;
  7. Predictive Search filtering. When you start typing in a field name the system offers suggestions as to which field you are looking for;
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Posted by on June 3, 2015 at 12:46 pm

NitroSell exists to give you an integrated webstore that you can manage from your POS. Out goal is to complement your POS not replace it. As such your POS has always been seen as the primary source of data for your inventory, your customers, your stock and any reporting that you require.

Your webstore is managed from the WebStore Manager (WSM). The WSM provides options on to allow you to control the design of your webstore and set options such as payment gateways, shipping providers, loyalty, risk/ fraud management as well as a host of other useful aspects that relate to the webstore.

Then there are those aspects that bridge the gap between the two such as customers and orders. We are pleased to announce that the WSM now has a View Order page that allows you to review your web orders and Amazon orders that are passed down to your integrated POS.

Order_Interface The new page can be found in the WSM under Payments->Orders where it shows you the orders that you need to deal with or have already dealt with. The page also allows you to:

  • view the order in detail
  • print packing slips
  • print pick lists
  • link to the relevant product page on your store
  • link to the relevant customer page in the WSM

You can filter the orders as you see fit to target specific orders.

Your POS will still provide your primary interface with managing these orders but sometimes it might be useful to view your web/ Amazon orders when you are not in the store but still have an internet connection. This interface is further explained in this forum article.

Posted by on May 14, 2015 at 1:53 pm

Sometimes you need more than what kind and number of widgets a customer wants to buy. Sometimes you need the shopper to give you information and asking them to email you or phone your store is a sure-fire way of losing that customer. The answer, of course, is to include web forms in your web store in such a way that the shoppers natural flow through your site isn’t interrupted.

WSM_FormBuilderNitroSell has added a new interface to the Web Store Manager (WSM) allowing you to add web forms of your own design to almost anywhere in the store.

A form can be included in a static page or, alternatively, this new functionality can be used to add forms to product pages allowing the shopper to explain exactly how they want their item customized. This has been covered in the article entitled Single form Product Customization.

WSM_FormBuilder_AddFieldsThough you could always insert a html form into static pages using the page content editor, this new method makes it possible to add a form without having to know how to code HTML. It allows you to save the form and recreate it multiple times throughout your store and best of all, when you update your form in the WSM interface, the form updates where-ever you have inserted it, you no longer have to trawl your pages looking for hard-coded forms!

In both instances the form is created through the WSM interface and included in a page template with a NitroScript tag {printForm("FORMNAME")}. The how-to-do this is better explained in a series of article that can be found here in the NitroSell Forum.

WSM_formFieldWhen the shopper fills out the form and submits it, the form contents are emailed to the store (or other specified) email. When associated with a product page this only happens when the shopper actually completes the checkout process.

To ensure that you get the information you require and that the user is not in any way confused by the forms requirements you can set validation on the fields ensuring that the data submitted is what you are looking for.

Happy form building!

Posted by on April 21, 2015 at 2:28 pm


NitroSell are pleased to announce Single Form Product Customization. In conjunction with the new form builder you can now associate forms with product pages. To order the product the shopper needs to fill out the form. The form details are then passed down to the store on order completion.

The primary use of this functionality is aimed at stores that need to gather user input before selling a product. Examples might be summer camps where you need to know the names of those attending, Santa visits where you need to gather the age of the kid attending or memberships where you need the user to define some area of interest.

This forum article explains how to use this in more detail.

Posted by on February 19, 2015 at 2:37 pm

We are pleased to announce that the NitroSell platform has been expanded to offer membership purchase at the checkout. This feature allows you to offer varying membership types that can have price levels and forms associated with them.

By purchasing a membership, the shopper instantly gains access to that membership type’s price level. The purchase doesn’t have to go down to the POS and back to the web store. The shoppers basket is reloaded to give affect to the new price level associated with the membership type selected.

You can also define a form that the shopper must fill out to avail of the membership. The details of this form are mailed to the store email and the customer record in your POS is updated to reflect the membership type and expiry the shopper has bought.

How to avail of, and set up, this functionality is explained in detail on the NitroSell forum.

Posted by on January 28, 2015 at 12:52 pm

NitroSell is pleased to announce that it now integrates with ShipWorks to facilitate the more advanced handling of order shipment. (You can learn more about ShipWorks here.)

By leveraging this feature, it is now easier  to automatically print shipping labels and to handle other shipping processes, after processing your orders at the Point Of Sales (POS).

To use it, enable the appropriate option in your WebStore Manager as illustrated here:


Then, you need to add a new Generic Module in ShipWorks as shown in the following screenshot:


You will be asked to specify the credentials; these are the same as your NSc Sync credentials.

You should now be able to download every order that was processed at your POS:


Please note:

  • Only orders tendered at the POS are sent to ShipWorks. The  reason is that ShipWorks does not deal with payments, meaning you wouldn’t be able to charge your customer any extra fees on top of what they’ve already paid. Also, since ShipWorks does not have access to your local database, it is not able to update your stock levels;
  • When enabling this feature, we no longer send the order shipment email to your customers since it is handled by ShipWorks directly;
  • This feature is only available to our US customers;
  • For retailers using our Amazon integration, we already send your Amazon orders to ShipWorks and there is no need for you to have a separate module for this purpose.

For more technical information, please review this forum post:


Posted by on November 13, 2014 at 9:48 am

NitroSell is pleased to announce that Facebook Connect is now available for all the stores on our ‘Beta’ branch. Facebook Login is a secure and easy way for people to register/log in to your WebStore.
The two main benefits are the speed with which a user can log in and register on your site and the shoppers no longer needing to memorize another username/password.

How does the integration work?

We want to make easier for the shoppers to log in your store, so if the user has already bought something from your store and he was registered with the same email he is using in ‘Facebook’ then he will be able to automatically log in your store after clicking on the ‘Facebook Log in’ button. It will be exactly as he had logged in with his traditional account.

If the customer exists but he used a different email to register then he can still link his Facebook account with his traditional account. To do so, he need to log in with his store credentials,  go to the ‘Update Account’ page and click the link: “Login with Facebook to add or update details from your profile to your webstore account.”. After that his store account will have his Facebook ID and he will be able to log in with both systems.

If he is a new user after clicking on ‘Facebook Log in’ he will be redirected to the ‘Register’ page where all the information provided by Facebook will be auto populated. We use this information to create a traditional webstore account so if he decides he doesn’t want to use ‘Facebook’ any more he will still be able to log in your store using his email.

How to enable Facebook connect?

In the WebStore Manager go to ‘Settings’ -> ‘Customer’ -> ‘Enable Facebook login’

This will include the ‘Facebook Log in’ button on the ‘Update’ and ‘Registration page’ and on the one-page checkout if your templates are standard. If you have customised the templates you will need to update the templates.

When ‘Facebook Login’ is enabled the link in the checkout: ‘Please login if you have an account.’ will be substituted by a button with the text ‘Sign in’ . Be aware that probably you will need to redesign the look of that button to mimic your own store.

If the button doesn’t appear automatically you will need include it manually in the ‘Login Panel’ template. You will find more information to modify the buttons in our Forum


At NitroSell we are aware that shoppers want to protect their privacy so we kept the permissions we require to the minimum. We only ask for their name, their location and their email. Information that they would need to complete an order.

Posted by on October 16, 2014 at 8:45 am

In response to the news that a New Security Vulnerability Named POODLE has been discovered in a basic protocol used for encrypting web traffic NitroSell has disabled support for SSLv3. Support for SSLv3 had been in place as an alternative to TLS encryption.

Some users trying to connect securely to the NitroSell web server using SSLv3 will have trouble connecting.

NSc Sync will display errors as follows .

SOAP Server Failure: A connection with the server could not be established
Error connecting – A connection with the server could not be established (EROException)

To facilitate synchronizations from NSc Sync, you’ll need to update your Internet Explorer Options. Enable TLS 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2 as seen in the following screen-shot:

Enable TLS Encrption in Internet Explorer

Posted by on October 9, 2014 at 2:49 pm

NitroSell is pleased to announce that it has teamed up with PropelAd, a Palo Alto, California-based company, to offer a Facebook advertising solution for our customers.

PropelAd has been built from the ground up specifically for eCommerce, both in terms of lead generation and Facebook re-marketing. NitroSell customers have a custom on-boarding facility making it fast and easy to get your first campaigns up and running on Facebook using PropelAd.

With an average payback — once a store has established a product/audience fit — of more than 600% return on advertising spend, Facebook is clearly one of the best eCommerce sales channels. There are a multitude of ways to advertise on Facebook, but NitroSell have teamed up with PropelAd because they simplify and automate the most effective types of ads.

These include:

Retargeting people who visited but didn’t convert

Product level retargeting is becoming one of the most profitable aspect of Facebook custom audiences. Retargeting is simply showing customers ads that have visited your store but, for whatever reason, failed to buy. The ads then serve as an enticer to come back and finish the transaction.

Retargeting is highly effective when combined with lead generation ads. It is a rarity that customers buy the first time when they visit a store so retargeting brings them back after they have had time to consider your products.

The intent to purchase when someone clicks on your advert the second time around is really high. Capitalize on this by showing them the products they are most likely to buy through product retargeting & including a call to action.

Abandoned Cart Retargeting

A further extension of retargeting can be the more precise targeting of abandoned carts. Abandoned carts is a large problem within the eCommerce world, with up to 70% of carts being abandoned by customers.

A custom audience that solely focuses on this group can be highly targeted and deliver some of the highest rates of conversion online. This audience want your products enough to have started the checkout process and are very likely to buy. Because PropelAd uses persistent cookies, you get to retarget people even before they entered their email addresses on the checkout form. Try adding an incentive like a discount to get the best results.

Like all PropelAd audiences, this audience is dynamic and updates itself so if a customer returns and makes a purchase then they will no longer see the retargeting ads.


Lookalikes help you create audiences of people who are most similar to your previous visitors. These customers have similar likes and interests to as your existing customers and are most likely interested in your brand. This is a great way to introduce your brand to new customers. It can assist you in scaling your audience and nurturing relationships with new potential customers.

Through the NitroSell/PropelAd partnership, store managers can benefit from a one-to-one concierge and set-up service. Sign up at to get started on a free trial and email highlighting the fact that you are a Nitrosell customer to get additional help with your advertising.

To start advertising and retargeting with PropelAd follow these steps:
  1. Proceed to to create your PropelAd account.
  2. Choose NitroSell as your platform:
  3. Copy your PropelAd user key
  4. Login to your NitroSell WebStore Manager (WSM), and, on the Settings menu, choose All Config Options.Under the SEO tab, click Enable PropelAd, paste in your user key and click Save

  5. View your webstore in any browser to trigger the integration (Click the View WebStore button in the top right of the WSM)
  6. Return to PropelAd to connect your ads account (Facebook, etc.) and get started
  7. Contact at any time for help

Please note: this is currently only available on the beta channel of NitroSell eCommerce. If you’d like to upgrade or learn more from NitroSell, please create a topic on our forum, or reply to an existing PropelAd topic:

Posted by on September 29, 2014 at 4:33 pm

NitroSell is pleased to announce that two more Amazon marketplaces are now supported.

Amazon separates its various marketplaces by country, they require a new Amazon account per marketplace unless it is inside Europe where any European marketplace will allow you to post on other European marketplaces where that item is already described in the native language of the other marketplace.

The initial release of our Amazon integration supported and We now also support the and marketplaces.

Sign Up: Existing NitroSell Customers

  • If your store is on beta, login to your WebStore Manager, and choose the Amazon link from the menu bar; there, you can automatically add a 30-day, no risk, free trial and we’ll be in touch to schedule your implementation;
  • Alternatively, you may open a ticket on our partner portal and we can get the integration set up for you.

Sign Up: New Customers (NitroSell WebStore not required)

If you are not an existing NitroSell customer, our Amazon Marketplace integration also is available standalone, without the need for a NitroSell webstore. Please contact our sales team here for more information.

The Amazon integration is available for the following point-of-sale platforms:

  • Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System (RMS), Store Operations (SO) and Headquarters (HQ) editions;
  • Microsoft Dynamics Point of Sale (POS) 2009;
  • pcAmerica Cash Register Express (CRE);
  • TheGeneralStore;
  • UnifyPOS (coming soon!).

If your platform isn’t listed, please contact us, and we’d be happy to investigate extending support to your POS.

Risk-Free 30-day Trial!

Sign up today for a risk-free, 30-day trial. If you find NitroSell’s Amazon integration doesn’t work for you, you can cancel at any time and you won’t be charged. It includes 1-5 days of Success Training to get you up and running quickly and easily.

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