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Amazon Integration for Your Point-of-Sale

Donogh Roche 28 August 2014 • Features, News

NitroSell is pleased to announce that our Amazon integration is ready for use. It’s a paid add-on for existing customers and can also be purchased standalone without a NitroSell webstore.

For Existing Amazon Users

If you already sell on Amazon then know that the automation this integration provides will make your life much easier by reducing the constant updating required on Amazon Marketplace. No longer will you have to push items individually up to Amazon, or maintain stock and price levels on Amazon Seller Central; now you simply make the changes in your POS and find the values update on Amazon automatically.

When you make a sale on Amazon then it is passed down to your POS in the same way that a web store sale is passed to your POS allowing you to tender the sale in the same way as you would a sale in your store. To further simplify the process when you tender an Amazon sale in your POS, the transaction is automatically marked as shipped in Amazon Seller Central releasing the funds to your Amazon account.

For Users New To Amazon

If you have been thinking about using Amazon, then this integration will simplify the process for you, one of our trained technicians will bring you through the process, setting up the connections between your POS and Amazon, explaining how everything works and how to improve your Amazon listings.

If you have examined the different ways that you can push items to Amazon then rest assured that you won’t be adding items individually or having to fill out thousand of lines of spread sheets to cover your inventory.

At NitroSell we continue to believe in an integrated approach to eCommerce, where all your channels are driven from the point-of-sale, giving you more time to make sales and less time worrying about your IT.

The Power of this Integration

By using our Product Attribute Manager (PAM) and synchronization tool (Sync) you can manipulate your existing information so that you are not having to re-enter new information for all your products.

Example 1:

If you are not in the US or the UK you can push prices to your chosen marketplace by taking the local price in your POS and multiplying it by a fixed amount to give a price in dollars or sterling. This means that whenever you update the price in your POS, the dollar/sterling price will update automatically to take account of the change in the local currency.

Example 2:

Accurate inventory (stock) levels are important to Amazon, having to cancel an order because you are out of stock can damage your Amazon rating. To get around this some people like to push their local stock level minus an item. The integration can make your Amazon stock level be one less than your local stock level.


The NitroSell platform now enables you to :

    • Take advantage of the Amazon ecosystem, exposing your products on the world’s largest shopping site;
    • Automatically upload (and maintain) your products from your point of sale to and using the NitroSell platform;
    • Have your stock levels automatically synchronize between your POS, webstore and Amazon;
    • Have any product updates you make on your POS system update your products on Amazon with no intervention on your behalf;
    • Have any orders made on Amazon download directly to your Point of Sale in the same way that your ordinary web orders download to your point of sale, and processed in the same way as in-store transactions;
    • Automatically inform Amazon of order tracking numbers for shipping.

In short, the integration will allow you to have your POS talk to Amazon in an intelligent and nuanced way.

By leveraging the power of  our software for easy data entry and organization with your existing POS data, we can push your data to Amazon in the way that you want. In the same way, we can pull down Amazon orders to your store, so that they can be dealt with using your existing systems without having to have an Amazon expert on hand every day.

Customer Feedback

First I’d like to thank Nitrosell for helping us with our omni-channel plans and integrating our ecommerce site with the Amazon Channel. The help with the channel setup and initial support issues was prompt and professional and we were online in less time than I imagined. Even with a few “test” products online, we received sales from the channel and found processing the orders at our POS was as easy as processing our NitroSell web orders. Knowing our inventory levels get managed for our eCommerce site as well as our Amazon store certainly gives us peace of mind coming up to the holiday season.
Thanks again to everyone who has helped with this great product.

— Bob Dunkle of Chicagoland Toys and Hobbies in Chicago, IL

Our shop is now active on Amazon. I love many aspects of the integration. I love the stock control. I love seeing new products going up for sale. I love the service and help I receive from NitroSell, but most of all I love the fact that I am now too busy with sales on Amazon to add anything else!

— Kaya McNaught of Knox Sports in Dumfries, Scotland

In August 2014 we integrated we implemented Nitrosell Amazon Integration.  previously we had been manually listing our products on Amazon one by one which was a tedious and very time consuming task.  With the Nitrosell support team most of our products are now listed on Amazon.  This has been a painless process with the Nitrosell team holding our hands every step of the way and sorting out any problems we encountered on the way.  The result has been amazing – our Amazon sales for August are 476% up on what they were in the same month last year.  Thank you Nitrosell for getting us up and running on Amazon so quickly and efficiently!

– Tracy Thornycroft of Carrol Boyes UK

Sign Up: Existing NitroSell Customers

  • If your store is on beta, login to your WebStore Manager, and choose the Amazon link from the menu bar; there, you can automatically add a 30-day, no risk, free trial and we’ll be in touch to schedule your implementation.
  • Alternatively, you may open a ticket on our partner portal and we can get the integration set up for you.

Sign Up: New Customers (NitroSell WebStore not required)

If you are not an existing NitroSell customer, our Amazon Marketplace integration also is available standalone, without the need for a NitroSell webstore. Please contact our sales team here for more information.

The Amazon integration is available for the following point-of-sale platforms:

  • Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System (RMS), Store Operations (SO) and Headquarters (HQ) editions;
  • Microsoft Dynamics Point of Sale (POS) 2009;
  • pcAmerica Cash Register Express (CRE);
  • TheGeneralStore;
  • UnifyPOS (coming soon!).

If your platform isn’t listed, please contact us, and we’d be happy to investigate extending support to your POS.

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