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Announcing our ShipWorks Integration

Franclin Foping 28 January 2015 • Features

NitroSell is pleased to announce that it now integrates with ShipWorks to facilitate the more advanced handling of order shipment. (You can learn more about ShipWorks here.)

By leveraging this feature, it is now easier  to automatically print shipping labels and to handle other shipping processes, after processing your orders at the Point Of Sales (POS).

To use it, enable the appropriate option in your WebStore Manager as illustrated here:


Then, you need to add a new Generic Module in ShipWorks as shown in the following screenshot:


You will be asked to specify the credentials; these are the same as your NSc Sync credentials.

You should now be able to download every order that was processed at your POS:


Please note:

  • Only orders tendered at the POS are sent to ShipWorks. The  reason is that ShipWorks does not deal with payments, meaning you wouldn’t be able to charge your customer any extra fees on top of what they’ve already paid. Also, since ShipWorks does not have access to your local database, it is not able to update your stock levels;
  • When enabling this feature, we no longer send the order shipment email to your customers since it is handled by ShipWorks directly;
  • This feature is only available to our US customers;
  • For retailers using our Amazon integration, we already send your Amazon orders to ShipWorks and there is no need for you to have a separate module for this purpose.

For more technical information, please review this forum post:


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