Removing Obstacles to Sales – A Shipping Integration Update

NitroSell 15 April 2010 • eCommerce

NitroSell shipping integrations give merchants the ability to present real-time shipping rates to web store customers during the checkout process. Most shipping integrations (UPS, FedEX, Canada Post) use a combination of product and customer data, including product weight and shipping address, zip code and state. Shipping service rate requests fail due to following common reasons:

  • Product weight: none specified, or too heavy;
  • Store address: incorrect store zip code or state;
  • Shipping address: incorrect customer shipping address, zip code, or state;
  • Service unavailable: the shipping service does not operate to the specified shipping address.

We’ve upgraded our checkout process such that these kinds of errors are presented to the customer, giving them the chance to correct the cause of the error and re-attempt the checkout process.


In this way, the customer is given the most information possible to complete the process. Taking the above screenshot an example (click to zoom), all the customer has to do is correct their address details and return to complete the checkout process.

* Please note that the above checkout and shipping integration updates are currently available only to webstores running in the Beta version of NitroSell eCommerce. Feel free to open a ticket on the Partner Portal if you would like to expose this functionality on your web store.

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