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Retail Management Hero Is Here and NitroSell Is Ready!

Donogh Roche 10 February 2016 • eCommerce, News


Retail Management Hero or RMH, the long-awaited replacement for Microsoft’s Retail Management Systems Store Operations, is here and NitroSell is ready.

NitroSell, a long-time leader in integrated e-commerce solutions for RMS, can deliver an effective integrated e-commerce solution for Retail Management Hero.

NitroSell has the deepest integration available for communication between Retail Management Hero and an e-commerce platform. As with RMS, NitroSell’s e-commerce integration with Retail Management Hero takes advantage of the built-in features of RMH to make setting up and maintaining an e-commerce site as easy as possible.

You can learn more about our Retail Management Hero solution or Request a Demo to get started.

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