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Use Multiple Web Stores to Expand Your Business.

admin 8 July 2013 • eCommerce

Once your web store is launched and successfully selling on line, a tried and tested method for sales growth amongst e-commerce retailers is the creation of multiple web stores. This enables retailers to aim their web stores at different target markets or new demographic areas. If your site is doing well then you already have the recipe for success so why not expand into different areas?

The sorts of target markets that work well with multiple sites are strategies such as:

  • Adapting the web store to appeal to different countries
  • Specialising in a sub section of key products or developing new brands
  • Setting up a discount or promotional site which is separate from the main site
  • Introducing a wholesale/trade site which may only be accessed by account customers

The best news is that NitroSell software works really well with multiple web stores and still maintains key information such as product information, stock inventory, customer’s records etc. from a single RMS database. Our magical “PAM” application or “Product Attribute Manager” provides our retailers with many different options for selling through multiple sites. Design can either be copied across if the same look and feel is required, or a new and distinct custom design can be applied for a fresh look.

Did you know you can……

  • Designate the same item across multiple sites or keep items specific to individual sites
  • Sell items at different prices across multiple sites
  • Configure specific shipping options for each site
  • Restrict access by login only for sites that have been created for account customers

It’s relatively easy to set up a second site and Nitrosell offers reduced pricing to purchase the software so the whole process can be very cost effective.

Interested? Contact your Account Manager for more information or open a support ticket requesting more details.

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