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Success Stories

We all define success by our own terms. Take a look at some of the clients who have found their own success with NitroSell. Each case study and client mentioned below aims to highlight something different and unique challenges which NitroSell’s seamless e-commerce integration overcame.

Case Study
— Will Heise, Marketing Manager at Wilford & Lee

Wilford & Lee

A great website design is key to both winning and retaining customers, and NitroSell retailer Wilfor...

Case Study
— James Murphy, eCommerce Manager at Veritas


With NitroSell’s fast and responsive integration with LS Nav, Veritas were quickly able to improve m...

Case Study
— Patrick Howe, Manager at Craft Beer Cellar

Craft Beer Cellar

NitroSell’s Cash Register Express integration enabled Craft Beer Cellar to create an unforgettable e...

Case Study
— Brian McCarthy, Director, Central Floral Supplies

Central Floral Supplies

Through integrating its ERP system with NitroSell for eCommerce, Central Floral Supplies boosted onl...

Case Study
— Matt Fusco, CEO, The Rugged Mill

The Rugged Mill

NitroSell’s integration with Retail Management Hero allowed the outdoor outfitter to massively incre...

Case Study
— Rich Bendall, CEO, Forbidden Planet NYC

Forbidden Planet NYC

With NitroSell’s quick integration of Retail Management Hero, Forbidden Planet NYC were able to incr...