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How Craft Beer Cellar Worked With NitroSell to Create Memorable Customer Experiences

NitroSell’s Cash Register Express integration enabled Craft Beer Cellar to create an unforgettable experience for its customers.

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Multi-store craft beer experts

From bottle shops to tap rooms, Craft Beer Cellar have focused on becoming one of the leaders of craft beer retail in the United States. A nationwide craft beer retailer with franchises across the country, Craft Beer Cellar place a large emphasis on letting its customers discover their products through an online catalog across a number of different locations. The challenge was to synchronize POS systems from franchises across a number of locations to each online store for that specific region.

With exploration and discovery being two major driving factors in the craft beer revolution, Craft Beer Cellar wanted a solution which could both champion the products, and ensure data was synchronized across all sales touchpoints.

A responsive store, with up-to-date stock data was crucial to their marketing and sales efforts, as when a new product launches there is a high level of demand among their customer base.

A common trope of this industry is FOMO; fear of missing out. When an exciting, highly-demanded product arrives, our customers can order it while sitting at their desk, rather than frantically rushing over after work.

Patrick Howe, Manager at Craft Beer Cellar

Crafting success

Craft Beer Cellar needed an integration with its Cash Register Express POS which could track sales from each store location back to site, so customers were always aware of what was in stock and where. NitroSell’s integration with CRE was exactly what they needed. Working closely together, NitroSell’s implementation and development team made sure the CRE integration responded to every challenge that Craft Beer Cellar currently faced.

From the initial implementation and guided set up through to their first real online order, NitroSell ensured that Craft Beer Cellar could operate as an omnichannel retailer when the new online store was launched.

What was great about the startup process is that they really took the time to understand everything that we needed, and helped us predict and intercept any potential bottlenecks or challenges.

Patrick Howe, Manager at Craft Beer Cellar

Happy hour

With NitroSell’s seamless and guided integration to their POS, Craft Beer Cellar were able to boost measurable metrics site orders and visits, while also improving customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

NitroSell and Craft Beer Cellar continued to work together to ensure every location they had a physical franchise in, also had an online store with the relevant product and sales data.

By choosing NitroSell to integrate its POs system and online store, Craft Beer Cellar removed the need for manual data entry so sales staff were freed up to add value in other areas essential to the craft beer experience.

NitroSell’s hassle-free integration with Cash Register Express ensure that the platform handled the labour-intensive sales data synchronization between POS and online store.

While many of our orders are from customers just looking to save time, ordering what they would have bought physically, they are much more likely to spring for that extra special bottle or six-pack when they don’t have to carry it around the store. It has also had the added benefit of reducing wait times at peak hours, as some of those customers will wait until slower times to come in, and even those picking up online orders during a busy time are in & out very quickly. This allows our sales people the time needed to really focus on providing great hospitality to our walk-in customers.

Patrick Howe, Manager at Craft Beer Cellar
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