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How Forbidden Planet NYC Used NitroSell’s RMH Integration to Boost Sales and Become Retail Management Heroes

Forbidden Planet made their business more efficient by connecting their new POS system to their online store.

Forbidden Planet has been using the NitroSell ecommerce platform for more than 12 years. When they initially signed up, they integrated with Microsoft RMS. Upgrading their system to Retail Managment Hero resulted in increases to conversions, orders, and visits.


Order/Visit Conversion


World-renowned comics seller

Forbidden Planet is one of the biggest names in retail for comic books, toys, and collectibles. Forbidden Planet’s NYC store has been at the heart of comic book and “geek” culture for decades. Expanding from its original UK stores into New York City in 1981, Forbidden Planet NYC has evolved from a legendary brick and mortar store into a superhero of ecommerce success.

In order to keep up with their increasingly online customer base, Forbidden Planet NYC needed to expand their operations to the internet, to ensure its dedicated consumer base could get access to the full library of weekly comic books as they were released. NitroSell came on board to deliver an integrated ecommerce platform which could be updated quickly, reliably, and by a number of different users.

Having every sales touchpoint in the store connected to their ecommerce site was key to Forbidden Planet’s expansion. Connecting every system would mean staff didn’t have to enter any data manually, thus freeing up their time to focus on delivering the excellent customer service they’re known for.

It was clear to Forbidden Planet management that they had outgrown their current Point of Sale system and an upgrade was necessary. Working with NitroSell, they identified Retail Management Hero as the perfect option as they looked to expand both online and in-store capabilities. Being the leaders in RMH integrations, working with NitroSell was already a perfect fit.

Retail management heroes

As Microsoft RMS neared it’s end of life support as a POS system, Forbidden Planet saw this as a perfect opportunity to upgrade their system and continue to deliver an omnichannel retail business. Luckily for them, NitroSell had already created the market-leading integration to Retail Management Hero for ecommerce.

When RMH was announced as the replacement for Microsoft’s Retail Management System, Forbidden Planet upgraded their POS system. With RMH, Forbidden Planet effectively got RMS 3.0, which features a clean, modern interface along with a number of other functional enhancements.

The upgrade process was painless as NitroSell synced Forbidden Planet’s updated database, which was being used across 5 in-store terminals, to their ecommerce site. With a more powerful POS system at their disposal, everyone in the business could focus on what they did best.

NitroSell quickly and effectively got our webstore organized and published. When we switched to RMH from RMS it was a painless process and we were up and running very quickly.

Rich Bendall, CEO at Forbidden Planet NYC

As specialists in POS integrations, NitroSell delivered a solution that ensured the system’s real-time sales data and customer information was reflected on the ecommerce platform. The seamless integration and training process went smoothly with the NitroSell team, ensuring that everyone who needed to understand the software to update product information and details, was equipped to do so.

The winning team

When they switched over to RMH, Forbidden Planet NYC saw a significant boost to all major ecommerce metrics. The business saw a whopping increase of 466% to their conversion rate. Now visitors to their site were far more likely to buy something than just browse. Having a fast and responsive site powered by NitroSell contributed in a major way.

Orders and site visits also increase by 65% and 13% respectively. Staff at the store could now work with confidence knowing that every action in store was being tracked, recorded, and reflected on the online store. They would never sell an item that wasn’t in stock and manual data entry was a thing of the past. NitroSell delivered a true integration for RMH that let the business see the rewards in having a unified retail solution.

Their integration with Retail Management Hero cuts everyday maintenance by at least 70%. It allowed our staff to focus on other areas of the business. Now our ecommerce just works without having to constantly maintain it.

Rich Bendall, CEO at Forbidden Planet NYC

As well as improving on sales and site traffic numbers, operational efficiency also saw a huge improvement, which in turn boosted sales. Being able to keep online customers informed of what is in stock was key to driving the huge increase in orders made per visit.

A true integration between your POS/ERP and ecommerce site is the only way to ensure your systems are really working together. NitroSell takes the power of your POS and uses it to create a revenue-driving website, like they did with Forbidden Planet NYC.

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