The Rugged Mill

How The Rugged Mill integrated their store to RMH with NitroSell and saw revenue and sales increase

NitroSell’s ecommerce integration with Retail Management Hero allowed the outdoor outfitter to massively increase revenue and order numbers.

The Rugged Mill is a locally-owned and independent retailer that is cherished by locals. Turning traditional brick and mortar store into an omnichannel business with a fully integrated website was a challenge. Luckily NitroSell was on the case. Read the full success story below.




The Quality Outdoor Outfitters

The Rugged Mill is a family-owned outdoor outfitter based in New Hampshire. Established in 2010 by locals of North Conway, Matt & Carissa Fusco, The Rugged Mill specializes in supplying the best products for tackling outdoor pursuits while also providing excellent customer service.

A truly independent store that embodies the “Live Free or Die” ethos of New Hampshire, The Rugged Mill is a homegrown store with a DIY ethic. They’ve worked with NitroSell since 2014 to deliver a unique ecommerce experience that represents the authenticity of the in-store experience.

Working with some of the top brands in their industry including Patagonia, Woolrich, and Pendleton, The Rugged Mill has forged lasting relationships with many key brands due in part to their accessible online store.

With over 2,500 products in-store and online, The Rugged Mill were on the lookout for a fully integrated solution. Meaning they wanted everything they did in-store, whether updating products or selling items, to be reflected on their online store. This way they’ll never sell an item online that they don’t have in stock and all customer interactions are tracked across the business.

We wanted a platform that was easy to use and could talk to our systems. NitroSell seems to work perfectly for our needs and we haven’t had to look elsewhere.

Matt Fusco, CEO at The Rugged Mill

Omnichannel Retail

Working with NitroSell, The Rugged Mill was able to deliver an omnichannel retail strategy. Not only through their integrated Point of Sale (POS) system and website, but also by working with NitroSell’s Marketing and Paid Search teams to further expand their online reach.

The first step in creating an omnichannel or unified retail business is to connect your brick and mortar store to your ecommerce site. Having started their ecommerce journey with NitroSell, The Rugged Mill doubled-down on their commitment to retail success by upgrading their in-store POS system from Microsoft RMS to Retail Management Hero (RMH). NitroSell is the leading integration partner for businesses running RMH that want to start selling online.

The Rugged Mill upgraded their POS without losing any sales data or customer information in the process. NitroSell’s seamless integration allowed the business to continue operating as normal both online and in-store while the NitroSell team handled the technical implementation.

As they do with all their customers, NitroSell also delivered a site which champions the products and brings to life the outdoor aesthetic of the brand.

The NitroSell team was terrific and very patient to work with. We’ve worked with them beyond our core ecommerce site and have been delighted with the results.

Matt Fusco, CEO at The Rugged Mill

Going beyond NitroSell’s core ecommerce functionality, The Rugged Mill felt confident enough to work with NitroSell on extra services. This started with the NitroSell’s Paid Search team who The Rugged Mill have been working successfully with for a number of years.

With this service, NitroSell handles the creation and management of all the Google Ads campaigns of the business. The retailer doesn’t need to get involved with the creation or management, they just receive the benefits in terms of positive KPI reports and actual sales. The Rugged Mill’s ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) since advertising with NitroSell has been over 800%, meaning Paid Search has become an essential revenue stream for the business.

The results speak for themselves. Our SEM campaigns are essential to our business now. It brings traffic and sales to our online store every day. I would recommend working with NitroSell’s extended services team to anyone in retail.

Matt Fusco, CEO at The Rugged Mill

The Rugged Mill also worked weekly with the wider NitroSell Marketing team to deliver engaging campaigns across the site, email, and social to let let customers know about offers and promotions. These campaigns kept The Rugged Mill’s customers engaged and incentivized them to return to the site.

A promotional campaign designed and run by the NitroSell Marketing team.

Success Delivered

The business’ huge inventory called for a solution and platform which could handle the synchronization between backend and online store without any loss of data or information. Upgrading to RMH from RMS with NitroSell’s hassle-free integration allowed for the delivery of this near real-time sync.

With up-to-date product and stock information on their online store, and working with NitroSell’s success services team, The Rugged Mill saw a marked uplift in revenue and orders. With a 99% increase in revenue year-on-year and a 160% increase in online orders over the same time period, the integration to RMH with NitroSell was a roaring success for The Rugged Mill.

I spent many hours working alongside the NitroSell team to map and configure our POS system to coincide with Amazon. Currently we have approximately 2,500 items and counting.

Matt Fusco, CEO at The Rugged Mill

The Rugged Mill continue to work with the NitroSell team to develop their store further and respond to industry and customer demands as they arise. Whether it’s ecommerce-specific or anything marketing-related, The Rugged Mill turns to NitroSell.
Results achieved

Results Achieved

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