How Veritas Switched from Magento to NitroSell and Created an Omnichannel eCommerce Solution

With NitroSell’s fast and responsive integration with LS Nav, Veritas were quickly able to improve metrics across the board, with a strong boost to the number of transactions processed on-site delivering more revenue.




Leading religious publisher and retailer

Veritas is the biggest publisher and retailer of religious books in Ireland. Veritas’ origins date back to 1899, when an early organisation was set up to distribute materials to the Catholic population of Ireland. It has since developed into a retail giant, with multiple stores throughout the country, and an online store that syncs together data from each location. Ireland’s Catholic population stands at just over 78%, and Veritas remains number 1 for religious publications.

With emerging technology trends and the growing desire for an omnichannel experience amongst their audience, Veritas decided to upgrade their POS and also create a new, mobile-friendly user experience – this is when NitroSell joined the project.

Before their new integration, Veritas were using Magento as their ecommerce platform. NitroSell’s brief was to create a website which used data from the back end warehouse and distribution systems, to build a modern and capable website which would serve the needs of both retail and trade customers.

Our website hadn’t been updated since 2011 and was not suitable for changing technology or keeping up with our competitors. It served the purposes of simply an online portal for retail but was not suitable to our growing audience.

James Murphy, eCommerce Manager at Veritas

Switching up and scaling up

With NitroSell on board, Veritas wanted to create a modern, mobile-friendly, ecommerce solution that could seamlessly integrate with LS NAV – a high-powered ERP built off Dynamics NAV. Tracking information from customer orders and integrating the site with 3rd party providers like Amazon and eBay were key parts of the integration process.

The challenge in Veritas’ LS Nav integration was in allowing trade customers and more traditional customers access the web portal seamlessly so that different cohorts could access the site, place orders, and update their information simultaneously. Given Veritas’ specific customer demographics and their large and varied inventory, it was crucial that the integration with LS Nav was hassle-free and resulted in no loss of data or customer information

We met with a number of e-commerce providers, but found NitroSell to have been closest to meeting our requirements as they had worked with Navision in the past.

James Murphy, eCommerce Manager at Veritas

Results delivered

NitroSell’s integration with LS Nav was seamless and ensured no sales data or customer info was lost in the transition. The results speak for themselves with increases in traffic, transactions, and revenue when the integration was completed. NitroSell’s robust platform ensured Veritas had a quick and hassle-free communication from back end POS systems to front end webstore.

We found NitroSell great to work with. As with any large project, there were always issues and bugs but found NitroSell were quick at resolving any issues. We found them patient and offered great solutions within a complicated brief and a tight budget. Design and implementation were seamless despite having to launch earlier than scheduled due to issues with our old system. We were guided into the new system every step of the way which made the learning curve in using NitroSell much smoother.

James Murphy, eCommerce Manager at Veritas
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Why NitroSell?

  • Inventory synchronization
  • 99.99% average uptime
  • Bespoke design solutions
  • POS/ERP support
  • Marketplace connections
  • Responsive customer ssupport
  • Marketing service add-ons

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