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Features • 21 June 2018
— Donogh Roche

eBay is Here!

The wait is finally over! NitroSell is pleased to announce that our integration with eBay is ready to go.

Features • 21 April 2016
— Donogh Roche

Google wants your site to be mobile friendly!

In case you haven’t heard yet, last year Google started changing some search results rankings based on whether or not a site was mobile friendly.

Features • 21 September 2015
— Donogh Roche

Shipping Coupons

NitroSell are pleased to announce that the coupon interface now allows you to tailor web coupons to effect change to shipping methods.

Features • 3 June 2015
— Donogh Roche

Order Interface in the Web Store Manager

NitroSell exists to give you an integrated webstore that you can manage from your POS. Out goal is to complement your POS not replace it.

Features • 14 May 2015
— Donogh Roche

Form Builder in Nitrosell

Sometimes you need more than what kind and number of widgets a customer wants to buy.

Features • 21 April 2015
— Donogh Roche

Announcing Single Form Product Customization

NitroSell are pleased to announce Single Form Product Customization. In conjunction with the new form builder you can now associate forms with product pages.

eCommerce • 19 February 2015
— Donogh Roche

Announcing Membership Support in NitroSell

We are pleased to announce that the NitroSell platform has been expanded to offer membership purchase at the checkout. This feature allows you to offer varying membership types that can have price levels and forms associated with them.

Features • 28 January 2015
— Franclin Foping

Announcing our ShipWorks Integration

NitroSell is pleased to announce that it now integrates with ShipWorks to facilitate the more advanced handling of order shipment. (You can learn more about ShipWorks here.