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Learn the story of NitroSell - the leading integrated eCommerce provider for independent retailers.

Our Story

NitroSell is a global leader in providing integrated e-commerce solutions for independent retailers. Our mission is to make it easy for retailers to increase profits by serving new and existing customers online. Our innovative software web-enables “brick-and-mortar” retailers by providing a solution that integrates tightly into their existing in-store retail management system.

Extensive customer testimonials verify that NitroSell online web stores are the most profitable, time saving solutions to integrate physical stores and e-commerce for multichannel sales.

The Company was founded in 2005 in conjunction with retailers who had the vision for a streamlined, highly configurable e-commerce solution to service the growing market for online shopping. They quickly discovered that an integrated e-commerce solution, which went beyond a well-designed website, was critical. Without integration, orders had to be manually entered and reconciled with other back-office systems such accounting, inventory, CRM, shipping, etc. This vision drove the company forward.

Top retailers trust NitroSell to manage their
online experience and help them succeed in
multichannel e-commerce.

NitroSell is an award-winning company that is recognized as the leading supplier of integrated e-commerce solutions to the Retail Management Hero, Microsoft Dynamics RMS, Microsoft Dynamics POS 2009, and now pcAmerica’s Cash Register Express systems as well as integrations for Retail Pro, UnifyPOS, and The General Store .

To ensure constant uptime, lightning-fast response for shoppers, and the highest business data security, NitroSell maintains some of the world’s fastest and most secure servers to house and publish our clients’ webstores. Retailers welcome our “software as a service” (SaaS) solution that hides complexity, minimizes costs, and provides a highly productive and efficient operating environment.

NitroSell’s international headquarters are in Cork, Ireland.

Join the growing community of retailers who trust NitroSell to manage their online experience and help them succeed in multichannel e-commerce.

NitroSell Team


Charles Garvey

Executive Chairman

As COO and later CEO, Charles played a key role in propelling Ireland’s top technology company Horizon from a staff of eight people to a group employing 720 people and floated on the Dublin and London stock exchanges. Charles established several start-up businesses for Horizon, and was also responsible for most of the acquisitions and disposals undertaken during his time there. Horizon was recently sold to Avnet Inc, a US-based international technology distributor.


Jim Morrison


Jim Morrison joined NitroSell in April of 2011 as VP of Services and Support and was appointed CEO by the board in March 2012. Jim has an extensive background with NitroSell’s products and markets including over 20 years experience in technology, nearly 10 years with Microsoft’s RMS, and he was one of the earliest adopters of the NitroSell platform in the US in 2006. He has sold and supported NitroSell e-commerce and Microsoft RMS, and has also operated a profitable NitroSell webstore selling computer and point-of-sale hardware.


Donogh Roche

President & CTO

Before joining NitroSell, Donogh was an Extreme Blue Intern and Software Engineer with IBM at their Dublin Software Lab, and was involved in a number of indigenous startups, including the company’s predecessors, NitroWeb and Amagineering Systems. He has been working on commercial web projects since 1998 and holds a First Class Honours degree in Computer Science from University College Cork (UCC).


Frank Walsh

Non-executive Director

Frank has over 15 years experience in Corporate Finance, including investment banking, equity research, venture capital, and joint venture development and has helped numerous technology companies raise both public and private capital. Frank also has extensive operational experience, having worked directly with a number of Irish start-ups to help them maximize their business potential as well as being a founding director of two companies, both of which operated successfully and were ultimately sold.


Paulina Wilińska

CS Specialist


Brian Twomey

VP of Services


James McGing

Software Engineer


Franclin Foping

Sr Software Engineer


Fiona Perryman



Alina Zabinska

CS Specialist


Mike Rosa

Director of Services


Brendan Quigley

Software Engineer


Piotr Szczepanowski

CS Supervisor


Sebastian Lewandowski

Software Engineer


Tomek Fortuniak

SEO Specialist


Joseph Griffin

Designer & Developer


Aaron Melick

Sales Account Manager


Anna Sito

Project Manager