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eCommerce • 14 May 2019
— Cillian McGillycuddy

How to Profit from Product Sell-Outs

You’ve got a popular product and it’s selling like hot cakes: awesome. However, it soon completely sells out and you’ve got some irritated customers: not so awesome.

eCommerce • 19 February 2015
— Donogh Roche

Announcing Membership Support in NitroSell

We are pleased to announce that the NitroSell platform has been expanded to offer membership purchase at the checkout. This feature allows you to offer varying membership types that can have price levels and forms associated with them.

eCommerce • 16 October 2014
— Donogh Roche

NSc Sync SOAP Server Failure Errors ?

In response to the news that a New Security Vulnerability Named POODLE has been discovered in a basic protocol used for encrypting web traffic NitroSell has disabled support for SSLv3. Support for SSLv3 had been in place as an alternative to TLS encryption.

eCommerce • 18 February 2014
— NitroSell

New security options

As part of our ongoing process to increase the security of your webstore we now offer some additional features: Control how secure is the password of your shoppers Lockout customers with repeated failed logins Sucessful password modification email notices.

eCommerce • 7 October 2013
— Jerry Walsh

Checklist for the Holiday Season

With the holiday season soon under-way there are some essential points that all web stores should be displaying in the coming weeks to make the most of the peak selling times: Store opening times – These should be displayed prominently on your site so that customers are aware of any extended opening...

eCommerce • 8 July 2013
— Jerry Walsh

Use Multiple Web Stores to Expand Your Business.

Once your web store is launched and successfully selling on line, a tried and tested method for sales growth amongst e-commerce retailers is the creation of multiple web stores. This enables retailers to aim their web stores at different target markets or new demographic areas.