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eCommerce • 5 June 2013
— Franclin Foping

Implementing the EU Cookie Law (e-Privacy Directive)

Since May 26th 2012, websites operating in the EU must implement the EU e-Privacy Directive. Under this law, websites are required to get visitors’ informed consent before placing a cookie on their machine.

eCommerce • 28 May 2013
— NitroSell

Breadcrumb Navigation

We are pleased to announce that you can now include breadcrumb navigation on your webstore on department, category, subcategory, product, and content pages.

eCommerce • 14 May 2013
— NitroSell

Accept Bitcoins with NitroSell eCommerce

We are delighted to announce that customers on the beta channel of NitroSell eCommerce can now accept Bitcoin payments. What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a rapidly growing digital currency, with a number of features supporting security and privacy.

eCommerce • 6 April 2012
— Jim Morrison

Pinterest ‘Pin It’ Button

NitroSell developers are on fire this week! New and improved functionality is being added to the web store all the time. This week we have added the ability to link your product pages to the latest hot social sharing site, Pinterest.

eCommerce • 12 January 2012
— Jerry Walsh

Product Specifications – Where the Detail Really Matters

Have you ever found an item on the web you are almost ready to purchase only to find the key information you need to verify your requirements is missing?  Will it fit?/ How heavy?/What is it made of? Etc.

eCommerce • 15 October 2010
— Jerry Walsh

Announcing Newsletters for NitroSell Customers and Partners

NitroSell is pleased to announce the launch of two newsletters. Customer Connect is available to both NitroSell customers and partners. It is a complement to NitroSell’s blog and is a resource for building ecommerce and NitroSell product knowledge.

eCommerce • 30 July 2010
— Jerry Walsh

Sick of spam? Yes, we are too!

Email spam also known as junk email, is a huge annoyance for end users and a huge problem for service providers like ourselves. Lately, we’ve seen a big increase in the number of spam emails which have been making their way to our customers’ mailboxes.

eCommerce • 11 November 2009
— NitroSell

NitroSell eCommerce Early Adopters’ Version Goes Live!

We are pleased to announce the early adopters‘ version of NitroSell eCommerce has been released as the live, stable version of the webstore!  Thank you to those of you who chose to try it out over the past 10 months, assisting us with cementing the new features and product improvements.

eCommerce • 6 November 2009
— NitroSell

VeriSign PayFlow Payment Gateway Migration

If you were using VeriSign PayFlow, you should have received notification from Paypal that the service would no longer be supported, following a software development kit (SDK) update. The notice stems from PayPal’s acquisition of VeriSign, almost four years ago.