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FAQ • 16 June 2014
— Donogh Roche

NitroSell FTP service update

Traditional plaintext FTP sessions are no longer supported when connecting to your NitroSell FTP account. The NitroSell FTP service now requires encrypted connections via FTP/ES.

FAQ • 3 October 2011
— Jerry Walsh

SEO: Search Engine Guidelines

One of the most common questions we get from our customers during implementation projects or from support inquiries is “how do I improve our search rankings?” We encourage you to attend our customer webinars and to download our NitroSell Best Practices Guide which covers such content.

FAQ • 7 June 2011
— Jerry Walsh

Understanding and Managing NitroSell Versions

NitroSell – Managing Updates Keeping your software up to date is a recommendation for all NitroSell users as we’re always updating our systems with new features. All changes to our software are carefully controlled and tested.  We’re proud of the care we take to ensure the stability of our software.

FAQ • 3 August 2010
— Jerry Walsh

Jargon Buster: Spotlight on META tags

What are they? META tags are HTML tags used to describe the content of web pages. NitroSell eCommerce automatically generates and inserts META tags into department, category and product pages.

FAQ • 11 November 2009
— NitroSell

FAQ: Combating Credit Card Fraud using the Address Verification System (AVS)

In the first of a three-part series on combating fraud, we look at the address verification system (AVS). AVS assists in the authentication of a shopper claiming to own a credit card. It compares the shopper’s billing with the address(es) on file with the card company.

FAQ • 11 November 2009
— NitroSell

FAQ: Delayed Capture with Offline Settlement

If your payment gateway supports it, delayed capture allows for transactions to be authorized on your shoppers’ cards without immediately settling the funds.

FAQ • 14 September 2009
— Jim Morrison

FAQ: Order History Status Updates

If your customers report that the webstore order history shows an order that has been fulfilled – through Microsoft RMS POS – as having the  “processing” status, it likely means that NSc Mail isn’t running, or wasn’t set up in the first place.

FAQ • 12 August 2009
— NitroSell

FAQ: Account Payments and Insufficient Credit

Wouldn’t it be nice to gently let your customer know that her credit balance is too low to complete the transaction, instead of having her complete the transaction and find out during order fulfillment?

FAQ • 17 July 2009
— Jim Morrison

FAQ: Changing Your Webstore’s E-mail Address

Any e-mail generated by your NitroSell webstore is sent from the store email address as listed in Dynamics RMS Store Operations Manager. To update the e-mail address, in Store Ops Manager, select File, then Configuration.