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The latest eCommerce articles from the NitroSell blog. Here you can get the latest product updates, ‘how-to’ guides, and insights for making the most from your WebStore.

SEM • 11 August 2014
— NitroSell

Mailing List Pop Up

One of the most effective ways to advertise your mailing list or special offer is via a javascript pop up overlay on your site. We are glad to announce the release of a new feature of the WebStore Manager (WSM) that enables you to display this form of pop over in a easy, friendly way.

eCommerce • 28 May 2013
— NitroSell

Breadcrumb Navigation

We are pleased to announce that you can now include breadcrumb navigation on your webstore on department, category, subcategory, product, and content pages.

Features • 14 January 2013
— NitroSell

New Blogging Features for Your WebStore

We are pleased to announce the addition of blogging features directly into NitroSell eCommerce. You can write articles, organize these into categories and arrange how they can be viewed on your webstore.

eCommerce • 6 April 2012
— Jim Morrison

Pinterest ‘Pin It’ Button

NitroSell developers are on fire this week! New and improved functionality is being added to the web store all the time. This week we have added the ability to link your product pages to the latest hot social sharing site, Pinterest.

FAQ • 3 October 2011
— Jerry Walsh

SEO: Search Engine Guidelines

One of the most common questions we get from our customers during implementation projects or from support inquiries is “how do I improve our search rankings?” We encourage you to attend our customer webinars and to download our NitroSell Best Practices Guide which covers such content.

Features • 30 September 2011
— Jim Morrison

SEO: Content Guidelines for Better Search Results

Since NitroSell sites are designed to sell products, product descriptions are critical.  Many of you have data feeds or product spreadsheets provided to you by the manufacturer of the goods you offer for sale.

SEM • 22 March 2011
— Jerry Walsh

Announcing NitroSell Best Practices Guide

As more retailers are choosing NitroSell as their preferred eCommerce provider, many are regularly reviewing their webstore’s performance with a view to selling even more.

Features • 8 November 2010
— Donogh Roche

Feature Spotlight: Built-in SEO (Part 3)

In part 1, we introduced search-engine-friendly URLs; optimized page titles and heading tags; automated generation of META tags; RSS feeds for product panels; automated XML sitemap generation; and Google Webmaster Tools integration.

Features • 15 October 2010
— Jerry Walsh

Feature Spotlight: Built-in SEO (Part 2)

NitroSell Integrated eCommerce has built-in tools and features to help optimize your WebStore to improve its visibility and rankings on search engines.

SEO • 15 October 2010
— NitroSell

SEO: Advertising your WebStore on Facebook

During the course of your webstore’s implementation, we encourage you to create a Facebook page to ‘get the word out’ and many of our retailers already have.  Now that you have the page up and running, you may be wondering how to build up an initial userbase.