Amazon Integration

Are you missing out on the world's biggest market? Get NitroSell's Amazon integration now!


NitroSell’s integration is the ultimate solution for bricks’n’mortar retailers selling on Amazon. It makes it easy for you to connect your point-of-sale system to Seller Central, ensuring “one version of the truth” through a simplified, automated product upload/update and order download process.



  • Take advantage of the Amazon ecosystem, exposing your products on the world’s largest shopping site.
  • Automatically upload your products from your point-of-sale to:,,, or
  • Your stock levels and pricing changes automatically synchronize between your point-of-sale (POS) and Amazon.
  • Product updates you make on your POS change your items on Amazon with no intervention from you.
  • Orders placed on Amazon download directly to your Point-of-Sale, and are processed the same way as you do in-store transactions.
  • Tracking/shipping information is automatically sent to Amazon, ensuring your seller rating is protected.


It is the most powerful and complete offering for store owners who sell, or would like to sell, on Amazon.

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