NitroSell SEM/PPC Services

Online Advertising (Pay Per Click Campaigns) is the quickest way to get your products found on the web.  PPC campaigns allow you to “buy” search engine rankings and advertising space on other relevant websites.  They are a great way for a new webstore to start driving traffic and sales while working on regular organic search engine ranking.  NitroSell offers PPC help for every budget.  Use the Contact Us form to request a call from Tom Fortuniak if you have any questions.

Online Advertising (Pay Per Click/PPC) Training Services

NitroSell’s Online Advertising Training Services are designed to give you the knowledge to setup, monitor, and improve your online Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns.  We will take you through a step by step process to setup your account, research your competitors, select keywords, create ad groups, create text ads, consult with you on landing pages for your ads, and finally, we will teach you to track ad and keyword performance on an ongoing basis with suggested changes for improved performance.

All of our training is hands on as you will be setting up a complete campaign that will drive actual traffic to your site.

Online Advertising Packages

We offer three levels of online advertising packages in an effort to assist all of our customers and all budgets.  Even if your budget is large and you plan on competing at a high level in the eCommerce marketplace, we recommend starting small with a Bronze level package and growing into the higher levels as we learn your business and determine what works well for your site.  This approach helps insure that you don’t pay too much for non-converting traffic as keywords and ad groups are developed and improved.  Upfront costs from each level will be applied against the amount due for the next level so you receive full credit for work done to date.

Bronze Online Advertising Services

The Bronze Online Advertising Services are for those customers who may have limited marketing budgets or are just beginning an online marketing campaign but don’t have time or resources to do it on their own.  We believe in starting small, discovering what works for your site and then growing as ROI and your budget dictate.

With our Bronze package, we will work with you to setup your account with one service provider, research your competition, and create ad groups for 4 promotions or product lines.  We will monitor and improve the campaign on an ongoing basis with weekly verbal/email updates and monthly reporting so that you are aware of what is happening with your campaign at all times.  The monthly service fee is based on the amount in your PPC budget as the more that is spent, the more data that comes in and must assimilated into the campaign.

Silver Online Advertising Services

The Silver Online Advertising Services are for those growing from a successful Bronze level campaign and are looking to drive even more business to their site across more products or services.  Working to a Silver level campaign is most appropriate for those with a new or redone website trying to drive early business as the site is indexed by the search engines but who don’t want or expect to become a dominant player in their vertical market online.

With a Silver package, we will run a campaign across up to 8 promotions or products on up to 2 different service providers (such as Google AdWords and FaceBook).  As with the Bronze package, continuous monitoring, weekly email updates, and monthly reports are included.  The monthly service fee is variable depending on the amount in you PPC budget.

Gold Online Advertising Services

The Gold Online Advertising Services are for those who are growing from the Silver level campaign and are looking to drive a significant amount of business to their webstore and are willing to commit significant resources not only to the online advertising campaigns but also to making sure their site is continuously updated and fresh, features keyword rich content, and can compete pricewise with anyone on the internet in the same product lines.

With a Gold package, we will run a campaign across up to 16 promotions or products/product lines with up to 4 different service providers insuring your presence in the major PPC markets.  Depending on your product line, we can even setup individual keyword sensitive ads for individual products to allow you to capture very narrow search results for those individual products. (This capability is not available on all product lines due to provider restrictions).  Continuous monitoring, up to daily updates (especially as the campaigns are getting started), and monthly reports will help you see the Return on Investment of your ad spend as you move forward.