Reseller partners (VARs)

By integrating an eCommerce solution with their POS software products, value-added resellers (VARs) can extend their service offerings by providing their retail customers with a truly integrated multichannel sales platform.

This seamless integration enhances the functionality of POS software, allowing end-users to make cross-channel sales, launch loyalty programs, manage their store on one central interface and manage their inventory more efficiently. In today’s digital society, an integrated, feature-rich solution is attractive to end-users and allows VARs to sell deeper into their existing customer base as well as attract new customers.

In addition to the many benefits of eCommerce, resellers can enlist end-to-end support from a team of experts with a proven success record to maximize the success of their software products. By partnering with NitroSell, a global leader in providing integrated ecommerce solutions, resellers can share our success in meeting clients’ business needs. We provide you with the best truly integrated eCommerce solutions and expert support services needed to make sure implementations are fast and error-free. Our team of experts can ensure that deployment goes smoothly and does not negatively affect any of your customer relationships.

We specialize in helping system integrators and VARs focused on eCommerce and multi-channel B2C or B2B retail and have established integrations with:

  • Retail Management Hero
  • Microsoft Dynamics RMS and 2009
  • pcAmerica’s Cash Register Express
  • The General Store
  • Osprey Retail’s UnifyPOS
  • Retail Pro v8 & v9

To ensure that your customer is as satisfied and successful as possible, we can complete the entire eCommerce process from end to end – including a complete cart solution, demo, sign-up, implementation, design, marketing services and ongoing support after the project is finished. NitroSell’s expert support team allows you to successfully go live with your integrated solution and start profiting from it as soon as possible.

NitroSell rewards its reseller partners with a generous commission on upfront costs and monthly residuals. If you have software that’s not on our list of established integrations but are interested in an eCommerce solution, contact us to explore your integration and deployment options.

Referral partners

NitroSell offers an attractive referral program that enables referral partners to refer opportunities and in return generate generous commissions for themselves.

Our referral program is designed for:

  • Web design companies and freelance web designers
  • Web and search engine marketing providers
  • Companies or individuals interested in referring or reselling NitroSell eCommerce with their other products or services
  • Vendor partners

NitroSell rewards referral partners by paying an attractive fee for each lead that closes and pays. This program is perfect for companies who come across prospects but prefer not to get involved in sales or support.