Retail Pro Integrated eCommerce by NitroSell



Integrated eCommerce for Retail Pro

Modern customers expect retailers to have a strong online presence, and they want a seamless Retail Pro eCommerce integration to compliment their in-store experience. Often, shoppers begin their purchase in one channel and finish it in another. Customers expect they can make a purchase online and pick it up in store or can receive an online coupon and use it in-store.

Retailers must manage customer demands for both online and in-store purchases. Keeping track of this information can sound like a daunting task, but an integrated e-commerce solution makes it simple.

Experience NitroSell’s eCommerce integration for Retail Pro advantage:

  • Seamless synchronization to your in-store POS
    Staff can automatically update promotions, product images, descriptions, pricing and other information online with just a few clicks on the in-store POS system. Monitoring inventory levels, customer and shipping information, and sales reports has never been easier with e-commerce interface features that integrate your online and brick-and-mortar stores.
  • Easy order fulfillment
    Use the in-store POS system to easily manage online orders with a customizable workflow to fulfill customer orders from start to finish. Customers will be automatically notified of their shipment status.
  • Improved marketing and promotions tracking
    With customizable email templates and social media integration, you’ll be able to cultivate customer relationships beyond in-store customer service. Tracking your business’s success has never been simpler— easy-to-use features let you monitor foot/web traffic, buying patterns and promotional campaigns. These metrics will allow you to gauge the success of promotional codes and coupons as well.
  • Centralized data management
    Your online and brick-and-mortar stores are streamlined into a single interface, making it a one stop source for managing inventory levels, viewing customer information, and accessing reports. Unify your in-store and online shipping and taxation amounts by synchronizing your in-store POS and web store.
  • Detailed business reporting and analytics
    View e-commerce and in-store transactions separately on select reports. Gain insight on web store traffic with detailed hourly updates and view historical information, including visitor totals and revenue.