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NitroSell’s market-leading integration with pcAmerica’s Cash Register Express unifies your retail businesses POS software and ecommerce into one system.

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With NitroSell’s Cash Register Express integration, it’s easier to combine customer information, refine your business plan, and enhance each retail location with a best-in-class ecommerce solution.

With an integrated pocket inventory software and a detailed reporting interface, it’s easier than ever to let your POS solution work for you.

pcAmerica Cash Register Express Solution

For retailers, the internet is the most effective way to build your existing customer base going forward. More people are shopping online than ever before – in fact, many people prefer it over going inside a brick-and-mortar store or retail establishment.

Leveraging the internet allows brick-and-mortar retailers to engage with potential customers much quicker and easier and in multiple channels. NitroSell directly integrates with pcAmerica Cash Register Express POS system. The pcAmerica POS system gives you a streamlined dashboard that enables you to improve your business plan. Since your POS system is a key component of a retail store, the added theft prevention features, robust inventory control, and handheld computer functionality can give you peace of mind. It’s better for independent retailers, sales associates, and customers.

If you’re looking for a retail point of sale solution integration that can make your job in the back office easier, here are some key office functions that pcAmerica’s ecommerce solution with NitroSell offers.

Unified Commerce

A seamless and unified shopping experience makes your brand stand out in crowded markets. With NitroSell’s integration, your customers will have the same quality shopping experience no matter how they choose to purchase. When your retail shop has a multichannel business plan, you need to upgrade your system to address each outlet. The right point of sale software and ecommerce platform can help grocery stores, convenience stores, and any other type of store operate multiple channels with a unified front.

This helps prevent errors that cause refunds, wrongdoing, and shrinkage that impacts item costs. Since these are some of the leading causes of retail shrink, unified commerce can help ensure that your invoices and bill totals are properly maintained across all channels. It’s a great way to lower operating costs, increase efficiency, and prevent your retail business from eating the cost of the product.

Order Management

Manage all orders from your POS and ecommerce sales points from one platform. Ensure you never sell a product you don’t have by staying on top of stock levels with NitroSell’s real-time synchronization with CRE. Know what’s on your shelves, help prevent employee theft and voids, and boost overall success with product information management. With contactless payment sync and checkout features, it’s easier to manage your ecommerce platform setup. This is a sale solution that encourages repeat business.

Order management helps with inventory control. You can use various reports to eliminate a variety of manual tasks. You can see which payment methods are most popular, what your quality products are, and how your supply chain is performing. The right retail store software helps improve the security of your store, boost the accountability of your employees, and maintain stronger order management within your own business.

Track Sales

Identify customer patterns and product seasonality with detailed reports from your point of sale system and online retail stores. Our tech support team will assist you in how to understand the data and take advantage of reporting functionality. Track your largest expenses, use retail point of sale tech to view sales from a single store, and view mobile payments, web store payments, and other customer data.

The right integrations offer technical support for your product selection to ensure system functions and accurate order amounts. This helps your entire sale system, especially if you’re connecting accounting software. When you input your retail environment’s specifications, you can track sales, specialty pricing or other price changes, and cash discrepancies. Instead of spending countless hours navigating outdated inventory management software and sales programs, use software upgrades that offer strong customer support and fast operation.

Marketing Opportunities

Spot opportunities to sell smarter to your customers with NitroSell’s CRE integration. You can observe trends from your POS software and online stores to spot opportunities to cross-sell to your customers with an omnichannel strategy. This can help you build vendor lists, market new features, and excel as an independent retailer. With the right retail point of sale system and ecommerce solution, your small business can grow.

With the right retail vendor point of sale and ecommerce store solution, it’s that much easier for a small business owner to improve profit margins, empower team members, process payments, and make smarter business decisions. In the retail industry, it can be hard to secure your bottom line. Your business plan, POS hardware, and software packages can have a positive impact on your retail business. When you factor in customer relationship management (CRM), inventory management, and loyalty program packages, it’s more likely that you’ll improve customer satisfaction, margins, and business owner success.

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