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NitroSell’s market-leading integration with Cash Register Express unifies your retail businesses POS software and ecommerce into one system.

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Cash Register Express Solution

For retailers, the internet is the most effective way to build your existing customer base going forward. More people are shopping online than ever before – in fact, many people prefer it to browsing inside a brick-and-mortar store.

Leveraging the internet allows brick-and-mortar retailers to engage with potential customers much quicker and easier and in multiple channels. NitroSell directly integrates with pcAmerica’s Cash Register Express POS system.

Unified Commerce

A seamless and unified shopping experience makes your brand stand out in crowded markets. With NitroSell’s integration, your customers will have the same quality shopping experience no matter how they choose to purchase.

Order Management

Manage all orders from your POS and ecommerce sales points from one platform. Ensure you never sell a product you don’t have by staying on top of inventory levels with NitroSell’s near real-time synchronization with CRE.

Track Sales

Identify customer patterns and product seasonality by tracking sales data from your point of sale system and online retail stores. Our tech support team will assist you in how to understand the data and take advantage of reporting functionality.

Marketing Opportunities

Spot opportunities to sell smarter to your customers with NitroSell’s CRE integration. You can observe trends from your POS software and online stores to spot opportunities to cross-sell to your customers with an omnichannel strategy.

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