In-Store Web Order Fulfilment

Available in: • Standard  • Professional  • Multi-Store


  • Web orders are fulfilled at the point of sale, using the same processes as for in-store sales
  • Picking lists can be printed to receipt printers from our Get Web Orders application
  • Web orders can be converted to work orders and back orders, with the option of notifying the customer by e-mail
  • For our preferred payment gateway, Cynergy Data, funds that have been marked for delayed capture are automatically settled when tendering web orders
  • Shipping and taxation calculations are based on the configuration in Microsoft Dynamics RMS, so charges can be harmonized across both channels and maintained from a single location
  • Web orders appear on in-store sales reports and can also be segmented from in-store sales using existing reporting tools
  • Shipment tracking details can be entered at the point-of-sale and be set to automatically appear in the ‘order shipped’ e-mail