Streamlined Maintenance

Available in: • Standard  • Professional  • Multi-Store

  • Sync (installed on your Microsoft Dynamics RMS server) automatically uploads and updates web store data on an hourly basis and downloads new web orders every 15 minutes
  • Items in your point-of-sale system can be added to the web by simply ticking a box – Sync takes care of everything else
  • Product stock levels, availability, descriptions, pricing and other relevant attributes are automatically updated on the web when changed in-store
  • Items can be modified en masse using our Product Attribute Manager (PAM), enabling you to quickly add entire categories to the web, put items or groups of items on sale, change the contents of web promotional panels, etc.
  • PAM can also be used to create and maintain web-specific data, independently of your in-store data
  • Product images, taken directly from Microsoft Dynamics RMS, are automatically resized and uploaded to your web store, with thumbnail images, standard-sized images and large images all generated from a single source image
  • Advanced caching technology ensures that only changed and new data is uploaded, minimizing the load on your in-store systems
  • Other point-of-sale information uploaded includes: store contact details, currency settings, customer records, department, category and subcategory hierarchy, matrix item details, discount schemes, taxation settings, shipping methods, carriers and charges, tender configuration and gift vouchers
  • Support for a virtually unlimited number of products, departments and categories (no SKU restrictions or limits in any version or edition)