Tax and Shipping

Available in:• Standard  • Professional  • Multi-Store


  • Web order taxes calculated using the same configuration as Microsoft Dynamics RMS, including tax by region or by customer, tax-exclusive charges for North America and tax-inclusive charges for Europe
  • Full support for RMS shipping configuration, including charge by weight and by total and charge interpolation
  • Integration with UPS, USPS and FedEx for automated domestic rate calculation in the US, based on product weights defined in the point-of-sale
  • Support for in-store pick up, helping you to sell more effectively to local customers
  • Advanced shipping rules to modify shipping charges and options available to shoppers:
    • Item-specific charges, e.g., for oversized items
    • Global rules for altering automated shipping rates, and adding or removing options based on a customer’s location
    • User-defined conditions for shipping rules