NitroSell Integrates with Lightspeed POS

Integrated eCommerce powered by Lightspeed Retail’s cloud-based POS

Connect Lightspeed’s POS to your NitroSell web store and ensure inventory, orders, and product information are always synchronized.

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  • Synchronize your website and brick-and-mortar store
  • Update inventory and orders in real-time
  • Edit product information within Lightspeed Retail
  • Seamlessly integrate your web store’s systems
  • Connect to a host of online marketplaces (Amazon, eBay, etc.)

Have questions about our integration?

If you’re already running Lightspeed in your store and want to connect it to an online store, get in touch. Submit a demo request or give us a call.

Why Integrate with NitroSell?

Get Omnichannel Retail

NitroSell’s Lightspeed Retail integration is your ticket to omnichannel retail. All your systems connected under one roof to focus on driving more revenue for your store.

Customize Your Web Store

Create a beautiful web store that makes your customers want to shop. NitroSell’s offers a range of UX-optimized templates and custom design and development options.

Powerful eCommerce to Help You Scale

Connect all of your inventory from all your web stores to one central system. To drive more revenue, you need the power to take you there.

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Integrate with Key Online Marketplaces

As your business grows, so do the channels you need to sell through. Integrate your Lightspeed POS solution with a number of huge online marketplaces.

Want to see our Lightspeed POS integration in action?