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LS One is a flexible POS and ERP solution from LS Retail that NitroSell has built a full ecommerce integration around. Manage your online and in-store business from one platform.

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NitroSell’s online commerce solution for LS One is for those who want to:

LS One eCommerce Solution

NitroSell provides the tightest integration to LS One for online retailers. Using our solution you’ll find it much easier to grow your business, reach new customers, and hit revenue targets. More people are shopping online than ever before, is your retail business ready to meet that challenge?

The NitroSell ecommerce platform uses the power and data of your LS One system to create your new webstore. By connecting your brick-and-mortar sales touchpoints to your online store you can eliminate manual data entry and save costs across your entire business.

LS One is part of the LS Retail suite of POS/ERP systems and is a versatile and scalable POS solution with many ERP features included which was developed to challenge the Microsoft Dynamics and Dynamics NAV product suite.

Unified Retail

NitroSell’s integration uses the powerful back office capabilities of your retail management software to keep your ecommerce store operations synced. Sales completed in your store are automatically updated on your ecommerce site, so you never sell an item you don’t have in stock.

With NitroSell you can eliminate manual data entry and unify your retail systems. With real-time synchronization, you can work with confidence that your systems are always working together. LS One is a mobile POS solution meaning your staff can manage your brick-and-mortar and online store from the shop floor.

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Inventory & Order Management

Download and process your web orders in a simple and effective way so you can save even more staff time and keep your customers happy. Nitrosell lets you download purchase orders from your POS system so you know both your brick-and-mortar and online store are in communication.

With one integrated data source for sales and inventory, you can simplify your process for re-ordering stock to ensure you never miss a sale. NitroSell’s LS One integration represents the best way for online retailers to connect to LS Retail’s POS system.

Powerful eCommerce

We offer even more powerful solutions to help you succeed. Connecting to the world’s biggest online marketplaces is a must for modern retailers. Your webstore can connect to online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Instagram, and more so that you can grow your business into other online locations.

Our automatic integration to these marketplaces means no extra work for you. Product data, including stock level and descriptions, are taken directly from your Point of Sale. You won’t sell items that are out of stock or set new descriptions for your items, it’s all automatically taken from your integrated systems.

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Beautiful Online Stores

Deliver a seamless experience to your online customers by giving them an unforgettable shopping experience. Our design team creates eye-catching and responsive sites for every NitroSell retailer, customizing each site to suit every business’ needs.

Give your customers the same experience on every device with our responsive templates, or get a fully bespoke site that completely reflects your brand identity.

NitroSell websites are built for ecommerce success and growth. If there’s a customization you’d like to include, just let us know and we can build a custom solution.

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