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Microsoft RMS eCommerce Solution

Microsoft RMS is a complete point of sale solution for small and mid-sized retailers. Microsoft Dynamics RMS automates POS and store operations, saving your business time and money by simplifying your sales processes. Our ecommerce integration allows you to exchange product information and sales data from your POS to your online store.

Inventory Management

Maintain accurate inventory levels between your RMS and online web stores. Manage your product stock in single or multiple stores so your ecommerce solution stays informed about what you have available to sell.

Stay Updated

Keep your web store updated with product information you upload to your RMS. Maintain accurate pricing and inventory info so your web store automatically updates in near-real time.


Since NitroSell’s integration brings all your online and in-store sales data together in RMS, you can use RMS’s reports to analyze sales, spot sales trends, and understand the nuances of seasonal selling. Work with our support team to understand that data at your fingertips and how to derive actionable insights from the numbers.


Eliminate the frequency of human error by avoiding the need for double data entry. Our RMS integration will increase the efficiency of your ecommerce operations by removing manual data entry on your online web store.

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