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QuickBooks POS eCommerce Software

Connect QuickBooks Point of Sale to your online store so you can track customers and inventory data seamlessly between your offline and online business.

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QuickBooks POS eCommerce Software

If you’re a retail business owner using a QuickBooks POS system, then syncing your e-commerce site with your POS system has never been easier. With NitroSell’s direct integration you can eliminate manual data entry and synchronize your sales data. NitroSell creates webstores built directly from the data in your QuickBooks Point of Sale system. We work with retailers of all sizes running QuickBooks to enable them to:

  • Connect their POS system to powerful eCommerce software
  • Accept credit card/mobile payments, offer discounts, create gift cards, start customer loyalty programs, and more
  • Eliminate manual data entry and centralize offline and online sales data on your QuickBooks POS software
  • Expand online payment processing capabilities to achieve more online orders

So if you want to start making online sales using the power of QuickBooks, request a demo of our e-commerce solution or ring sales today.

Why QuickBooks POS?

QuickBooks is a Point of Sale and accounts software for merchants that want a flexible POS system that offers more ways to manage sales data and inventory reports. It’s also a leading financial software with its QuickBooks accounting software. Once you’ve signed up for or started using QuickBooks in your business, talk to us about setting up your online store powered by your POS software. NitroSell offers the smartest and most simplified e-commerce option for stores using QuickBooks POS.

Synchronized Stock

NitroSell’s seamless sync to QuickBooks lets you manage both your online and in-store business from one place. With fluid inventory management between your tills and your online store, you’ll never again oversell an item. If the last item is sold in-store via your POS, your webstore will automatically update to reflect the change. NitroSell syncs in real-time with your QuickBooks POS system so you can work safely knowing your offline and online systems are always communicating. Sync online customer information and track inventory from your POS system.

Connect to Marketplaces

NitroSell offers direct integration from QuickBooks Point of Sale to the world’s largest online marketplaces including Amazon and eBay. Use your product listings and POS data from QuickBooks to automatically list your stock on other online marketplaces like Amazon. Unlock the full potential of your QuickBooks POS software and start creating additional online revenue streams. Please indicate if you would like to explore these connections when signing up for our QuickBooks Point of Sale solution.

Prepare for Online Success

If you’re a small business, NitroSell is much more than an e-commerce platform that connects to QuickBooks. We also offer online marketing services to help your retail business succeed online. Our services include SEO, Paid Search, Social Media, Email Marketing, and many more. Our marketing team has years of experience in helping e-commerce businesses succeed online. Talk to us about your marketing needs today.

NitroSell is the perfect e-commerce retail solution for business owners that work with a QuickBooks POS system

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