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NitroSell’s ecommerce platform connects directly to Retail Management Hero so you can manage your retail business, from in-store to online, on one system.

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NitroSell’s Retail Management Hero (RMH) integration makes it easier than ever to centralize your retail operations from the back-office.

No matter how many stores or sites you have, NitroSell’s RMH solution can streamline and reduce manual data entry in your retail business.

Retail Management Hero eCommerce Solution

NitroSell provides the full RMH retail solution for your business to reach your revenue targets and grow your customer base. More people than ever are choosing to shop online as opposed to brick-and-mortar, is your business ready for the new age of digital consumers?

Using the RMH POS system, NitroSell’s ecommerce platform uses the power in your existing retail system to create beautiful and fully integrated webstores. NitroSell provides a solution that enables retailers to truly connect their in-store system with their online one. Eliminate manual data entry and save costs across your business by connecting your retail operations.

Retail Management Hero is the system that is replacing the Microsoft Dynamics RMS Point of Sale system which is reaching end of life in 2021. RMH is the ideal solution for many small to medium sized retailers who want to start selling more online.

Seamlessly Synchronize

NitroSell’s integration uses the powerful back office capabilities of your retail management system to keep your e-commerce store operations updated and synchronized. When a sale is completed in your store, it gets automatically updated on your e-commerce website too so you never sell an item you don’t have in stock. Don’t manually enter every sale so that your site stays updated. With NitroSell, it’s all taken care of.

With synchronization in real-time, you can work with confidence that your systems are always in sync. NitroSell lets you get your web orders in a simple and effective way so you can save even more staff time and keep your business running smoothly.

Meet Customer Demands

Customers expect a seamless shopping experience no matter how they interact with your business. NitroSell’s design team create responsive and eye-catching websites for retailers everywhere. Your customers want the same experience whether shopping from laptop, tablet, or mobile device. Choose from our templates or go fully bespoke.

NitroSell web stores are built with your business in mind, so we can include specific customizations that help your business succeed online. While your site is looking amazing on the user’s side, your staff can handle order and inventory management in the back-office so your customers’ online orders are processed and delivered on time.

Explore New Marketplaces

NitroSell’s ecommerce solution doesn’t start and end with your online store. The modern online retail realm contains many more marketplaces that you can connect directly to. Your webstore can connect to Amazon, eBay, Instagram, and more online marketplaces to expand the reach of your store and products.

Using the data from your combined POS and ecommerce data points, you can make informed decisions about which marketplaces to expand into. NitroSell’s solution for each online marketplace is intuitive and automatic. Our integrations pull your product data directly from your POS-powered ecommerce database. You don’t have to worry about listing items that are out of stock or updating product descriptions on Amazon or eBay. If your webstore is updated, then so too are your marketplace listings.

Drive Growth & Intelligence

With connected office and POS activities, NitroSell integrates your business like never before. Synchronize your retail environment while improving business intelligence (BI) with a connected Point of Sale (POS) solution.

Brick and mortar stores need a web presence to handle the challenges of the modern world and open online revenue streams. NitroSell makes this process as simple as possible for RMH users.

By reducing costs spent on IT implementation and training, our integration with RMH allows you to focus efforts on driving value in other areas of the business. Access detailed reporting and analytics to understand where you can scale and grow your online business.

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