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With NitroSell’s integration with RMH you can share sales data, customer info, and inventory levels between your POS and online store. Integrated e-commerce is at your fingertips.

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RMH eCommerce Solution

Retail Management Hero is a complete point-of-sale solution that many small to medium sized businesses have successfully implemented. NitroSell’s online shopping cart for RMH integrates your point of sale system with your online store so you can unify your customer touchpoints and ensure you never sell a product that’s not in stock. Use your existing sales and customer data to create custom campaigns and offers.

Seamlessly Synchronize

NitroSell’s integration uses the powerful back office capabilities of your retail management system to keep your e-commerce store operations updated and synchronized. A unified commerce strategy allows your business to deliver an omni-channel solution to your customers.

Customer Focus

Delight your customers and increase retention with an integrated RMH system. Use your sales data to create promotions and track those promotional campaigns on one platform. Combine customer service and marketing in one platform to unlock the true power of Retail Management Hero.

Customize Your Store

Create a beautifully branded online storefront that reflects your brick and mortar store. Our designers will work with you to create an online store that meets your goals and champions the products you want to sell.

Drive Growth

By reducing costs spent on IT implementation and training, our integration with RMH allows you to focus efforts on driving sales and ROI. Access detailed reporting and analytics to understand where you can scale and grow your online business.

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