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NitroSell integrates seamlessly with The General Store to deliver a truly unified ecommerce experience.

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The General Store eCommerce Solution

The General Store is already the backbone of your sales operations, from head office to POS terminals. NitroSell’s integration unleashes the power of your retail management system by turning The General Store into the power behind your online store. Today’s shoppers expect a seamless shopping experience at every customer touchpoint; our integration turns your retail business into a unified commerce operation. Cut business costs, save time, improve customer interactions, and increase profits with our integration for The General Store.

POS Synchronization

Work with confidence knowing that one platform will align data from your inventory, point of sale terminals, and online web stores. Update product images, descriptions, pricing, and more on the backend, so your online store updates in near real-time through the NitroSell platform. You’ll never sell an item that you don’t have in stock with an integrated inventory and sales database.


Ensure all of your sales channels work from the same platform internally so that your external customer experience is seamless no matter how your customers shop. With NitroSell’s integration with The General Store your team can use the in-store POS systems to easily manage online orders meaning all sales channels stay connected.

Customer Retention

Incentivise customers to return to your online store with web promotions built around your synchronized sales and customer data. Reward customer loyalty with product offers and build brand identity and loyalty by delivering error-free and informed customer service for your online stores. Use our email guide to retain customers too.

Revenue Growth

Give your business the best possibility to hit its profit targets by ensuring each system is connected and working from the same source. Eliminate lost sales from incorrect product information or stock data from your online store. Reduce costs from data integration and unnecessary IT support.

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