The General Store

The General Store

It’s no secret that e-commerce is the future of retail – as a society, we are rapidly moving many of our manual processes online. In fact, more than half of business buyers purchased goods for their company online in 2013, and most expect to spend even more online this year. Consumers expect a seamless shopping experience that allows them to make purchases in store or on their computer or smartphone. A strong online presence is vital for the modern retailer, both to build their existing customer base and gain a competitive edge in a tough market.

With a seamlessly integrated e-commerce solution, your business will not only survive in a harsh economy, but thrive. Integrated e-commerce allows consumers to browse and purchase your products with convenience, ease and reliability – regardless of time or location – and allows retailers to make more sales to more customers. It’s a win-win.

Experience the e-commerce advantage:

  • Seamless synchronization to your in-store POS – In just a few clicks, staff can modify promotions, product images, descriptions, pricing and other information in-store and it will automatically update online.  The e-commerce interface also features tools to monitor inventory levels, customer and shipping information and sales reports for both online and B&M stores.
  • Easy order fulfillment – Retailers can use the in-store POS system to easily manage online orders.  A customizable workflow helps fulfill orders step by step —from the time the order is received — to the time the customer is automatically notified of the shipment status.
  • Improved marketing and promotions tracking – Cultivate customer relationships through customizing email templates and harnessing the power of social media. Increase repeat sales by monitoring foot/web traffic and buying patterns, as well as tracking the success of promotional campaigns. Gauge the success of promotional codes and coupons with easy-to-use features.
  • Centralized data management – A single interface streamlines business processes, including management of inventory levels, customer information and reports for both online and brick and mortar stores. Shipping and taxation amounts are also synchronized between the in-store POS and web store so charges are harmonized across both channels.
  • Detailed business reporting and analytics – Retailers have the option to list e-commerce transactions and in-store sales separately on select reports. Designated personnel can access detailed hourly updates on web store traffic and can view historical information including visitor totals and revenue.